Welcome to Global FoodSolutions, Inc., your total food solutions partner.

Global FoodSolutions, Inc. (GFSI) manufactures only the best and quality-packed food products. It takes pride with its state-of-the-art facility complemented by its highly experienced, innovative and dedicated staff. GFSI meets the strictest international standards in food manufacturing. In fact, our products have been shipped to many countries across the globe and enjoyed in many households the world over.

Global FoodSolutions, Inc. (GFSI) envisions itself as an Innovatice and world-class food manufacturing satisfying global taste with the mission of servicing its buyers’ and customers’ needs for quality food products of excellent value that complement its position as a leading food products provider.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Global FoodSolutions, Inc., your total food solutions partner.

  1. Dear:

    We would like to receive as a polite concern, the catalog (or list) of Vs. products and the price list.
    Please kindly indicate also any discounts that you might enjoy if you purchase a certain amount for a given product.

    We would like to know also
    a) the terms of payment,
    b) how will the packaged goods,
    c) ingredients in Italian,
    d) expiration dates,
    e)europe standard
    h) the delivery of the goods,
    Waiting for your feedback, you Yours sincerely.

    KAMAL (we are a company in Milan, Italy resale food wholesale and retail)

    Mini market kamal
    Via Giambellino, 79
    20146 Milan
    Tel :0039-3283225014

  2. Hello Sir or Madam ,

    I would like order something from you . Please contact me to discuss detail .

    Worn Regard,


  3. I just want to inquire for macapuno strips. Our company is using it as one of our flavor. Hope to receive immediate response on you.


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